EMS Compass® Measures

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The EMS Compass® initiative needs your help: Be an EMS Compass® real-world tester!

Updated 1/17/17
EMS Compass® is releasing newly adopted candidate measures for you to implement in your electronic patient care or analytic software. These 14 measures represent the best efforts by over 60 dedicated and very bright volunteers to develop a set of measures, for the very first time, that when finalized can be used nationwide to improve care and safety.

The measures have not yet been widely tested to assure their reliability and validity with the newly implemented NEMSIS version 3 standard data so we need your help! We want to know how impactful these measures are for your agency and how easy they are to use and understand. Did you recently change protocols and want to see the impact on these measures? Are you planning to roll out a new product, technology or intervention and want to understand whether it led to improved care?

If you are using a NEMSIS v3 compliant data system and are interested in measuring and improving the performance of your system, then we invite you to participate today.

What does being an EMS Compass® tester involve?

Are you a local agency leader who has a quality improvement program, knows how to use performance measures, and has a system in place to use them? Are you just curious about candidate measures and the potential for testing? Are you a state EMS Data Manager? You’re all invited to be testers! The objective is to evaluate one or more of the fourteen candidate measures in real-world settings. Feedback that we receive from testers is important. The answers to these questions may also help you assess if you can participate:
The answers to these questions may also help you assess if you can participate:

Are you using a NEMSIS v3 compliant ePCR System?
To correctly calculate the measures you will need to use version 3 compliant data.

Can you access your NEMSIS v3 ePCR data and these measures automatically through your vendor’s software?

If your NEMSIS v3 vendor has an EMS Compass Ready software solution available for you, it is simply a matter of asking for the measures to be enabled. However, if not, you may need to specify for them that these measures should be made available to you in a manual reporting or analytics tool.

They may also offer you the ability to do custom reporting or custom analytics using the definitions we’ve provided below. This is less desirable because it introduces risk of misprogramming and generating incorrect results. That is why it is best for your vendor to program these measures once – the same way for everyone and in the same way as every other vendor! If they do not have the capability to provide you with performance measures without significant re-engineering, you will not be able to participate.

Contact your vendor to learn how to use the measures in their software. You can see the latest list of self-reported vendor readiness to support EMS Compass measures by downloading this EMS Compass Vendor Readiness Guide (updated 1/17/17) link.

The measures are available in PDF format from this v10.3 PDF LINK (updated 11/4/16) or as a spreadsheet from this: v10.3 XLSX LINK (updated 11/4/16). We know that this kind of testing is not for everyone and that not all EMS agencies will be able to fully test these measures in their software without having additional technical expertise or background.

Who should you contact for measure support?

Please contact your ePCR software vendor for assistance in using these measures with your specific systems.

What information do we need from you?

Provide us with your feedback! We will be asking questions like this when you return to our website:

Have you tested these measures against your NEMSIS v3 ePCR data?

      Please test these measures in your NEMSIS v3 data system and provide feedback to EMS Compass on how the measures were meaningfully used to evaluate and improve patient care locally in your system. That is what these measures were specifically designed for, so they should not be used for punitive or for reimbursement purposes.

Were the measures meaningful to you? What did you learn from looking at the results?

      After you have had a chance to turn the measures on and use them to evaluate your agency’s performance, please return to this website. Specifically, we want and need to hear about your results so we can understand how reliable these measures are for evaluating the care in your system with your data. We also want to know what you learn when using these measures across provider types, shifts, level of care, and other aspects of your system. This feedback will be used to refine the measures prior to being published in their final format.

Ready to get started?

Go test the measures and then come back here to submit your comments about the importance and meaningfulness of the measures and your ability to measure and improve the care and safety within your agency.

Submit your feedback by clicking this FEEDBACK LINK. It will open a new page with survey questions for you to respond to. You can provide comments on as many measures as you would like.

You also may send our project manager Nick Nudell detailed feedback. Remember, we are unable to provide support for your ePCR software systems but are happy to facilitate your use of these measures in any way possible.


Seizure-02: Patient Received Intervention


Measure of patients with ongoing seizure activity for 5 minutes or more or two or more seizures in a 5 minute period without regaining consciousness between them who received intervention (e.g., benzodiazepine) intended to stop the seizure